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You will definitely love these textile jewelry! They are light and shape beautifully. They are made of cotton and an innovative, non-allergenic gel developed and patented by Uli.


Uli Rapp (b.1974) graduated as a jewelry design professional from the famous Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was fascinated by the splendor and abundance of dress in Elizabeth’s time, which he has insightfully transferred to today’s costume jewelry. His sophisticated jewelry collections have grown and evolved rapidly – he invented a technique to use a gel used in medicine between fabric surfaces. Uli’s necklaces, brooches and earrings tell of a love of antique jewelry and multiple pearls. All products are skillfully handcrafted and the patterns are printed on a soft fabric surface. Modern technology combined with the splendor of the past creates exciting jewelry; works of art that spark debate anywhere. They have been carried by e.g. such luminous stars as architect Zaha Hadid, Boy George, Cher and designer Nathalie Rykiel.

These lovingly made jewels are handcrafted in Amsterdam by Uli and his team. They are known around the world and can be found in the permanent

collections of international museums as well as in the archives of private collectors.

They are sold and presented at

international fairs and galleries in Paris, London, New York, Miami, Tokyo and Dubai. Now these unique Now these unique jewelery are available exclusively in Finland from the KKarvinen.com online store! Wash with warm water and little soap, store flat or hanging. Do not overstretch, scrub, perfume or iron.

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