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Bao Bao Issey Miyake cross body bag Luncent glossy. Checks (ichimatsu) are a classic Japanese pattern. This series draws inspiration from this traditional pattern and the checkered flags used in auto racing. The irregular contrast between light and dark and different sized pieces adds a rhythm to the shape of the bag, turning a classic motif into a sporty street look. This gussetless pochette is the right size for storing a wallet and other valuables, making it perfect to grab when traveling or just going out.


Product Details

Body: height 170 x width 230 (mm)

Strap length: Approximately 255 to 1160 (mm)

Weight: About 160 (g)

MATERIAL:  Surface: vinyl chloride resin / Base fabric: 100% polyester / Lining: 100% nylon / Tape: 100% nylon / Part: Artificial leather

COLOR:  glossy white X grey

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